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T-Rex Pro – An All-In-One Beautiful Touch Screen Radio w/ rear view camera For Nissan R35 GTR


For 2008-2015 Nissan GT-R ONLY

Often imitated, never duplicated. Our Pro Kit for the Nissan GT-R includes our in house developed custom Android ROM.  Heavily modified configuration blended with our gorgeous custom interfaces. The T-Rex Pro Kit has unmatched functionality, unparalleled performance, and looks like that would make even Godzilla’s head turn!

What makes our kit unique?

  • ONLY kit that allows Bluetooth for devices other than mobile phones (Ecutek for example)
  • ONLY solution with performance enhancements.
    • Configuration has been painstakingly tuned from the ground up with consideration for things like hot climates and long drives
  • ONLY kit with our beautiful custom Dashboards for Ecutek (Torque Pro dashboards coming soon!!!)
  • ONLY solution with multiple themes to change the look of the home screen and climate bars, hundreds of gtr wallpapers
  • ONLY kit with a Full Screen mode (hide climate and status bars with a simple swipe)
  • ONLY solution compatible with forthcoming T-REX USB and bluetooth accessories such as the CanDo! kit
  • ONLY kit with free “Over the Air” (wireless) updates for the life of the device
    • Includes fixes, functionality, new themes, and dashboards
    • Other solutions require you to download files to a usb that you must specially format)
  • ONLY solution with our top of the line support that you won’t find anywhere else

Detailed Specifications

Included Hardware: Bluetooth, Capacitive IPS touch screen, built-in GPS, Radio Tuner, MP3 Codecs, wireless Carplay/Android Auto, FM Radio, Canbus adapter configured for Nissan GT-R

Retains all OEM functions of the GTR: Speed Sensing Wipers, Light Sensitive Headlight adjustment, intelligent door lock, TPMS

Features: Supports 3G/4G/5G Network, iPod/iPhone/Android USB storage integration (play song or video from devices), 2.4GHz WiFi, built-in Speaker / Microphone, and OEM SWC (steering wheel control) integration. Full access to Google Play services including Google Play Store.

OS: Android Android 8.1

CPU: Intel SC9583i, 1.8GHz octa-core 64-bit Intel Airmont architecture

Compatible Digital Media Formats: JPEG, MP3, MP4, WMA

External Memory: Supports USB (2 ports) flash drives and SD card (SD card reader sold separately)

Screen: Capacitive IPS Screen

Placement: Car Console

Supports 1080p HD and 3D background 720×1280 (portrait)

Supports change of boot screen logo

Supports Live Wallpaper & DIY Wallpaper

RCA input for rearview camera

RCA Input and Output (2 each).

Support for In Car DVR System (works with optional USB camera)

Supports external microphones and DSP’s.

Voltage: 12V

Plug and Play

Output Power: 4x50W

Type of Material: Steel and Rubber

Available OSD Languages: Thai, Greek, Arabic, Azeri, Latvian, Malay, Haitian Creole, Boolean text (South Holland), Italian, Japanese, Russian, Georgian, Chinese (traditional), Bulgarian, Hungarian, Chinese (simplified), Swedish, Ukrainian, Vietnamese, Croatian, Danish, Spanish, Basque, German, Turkish, Russian, Serbian, Dutch, Welsh, Latin, Persian, Hindi, Spanish, Estonian, Ol, Urdu India, Icelandic, Irish, Romanian, Macedonian, Albanian, Catalan, Korean, Indonesian, French, Norwegian, Finnish, Hebrew, Filipino, Armenian, Portuguese, Yiddish, Galicia, Lithuanian, Polish, Slovak, Czech, Slovenian, English, Swahili, Maltese

For 2015 and 2016 models, you may need to use an aftermarket audio amplifier. These can be purchased starting at about $100 at any car audio shop or Amazon. Any qualified car audio shop can install this for you. Just a quick plug and play connection to the audio out ports of the radio, power to the amp, and communication to the speakers is all that is required. This is the only aftermarket radio available for the GTR platform that supports the 2015-2016 GTRs.

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