General Maintenance

Whether it’s your race car or your daily driver we have you covered.  We carry nothing but the best maintenance products on the market from lubricants like Motul and Liquid Moly.  We can provide all your timed maintenance needs.


Race Prep

You have a race, we will get you ready!  We provide  multi point inspections to make sure your race car is 110% before it hits the track!


Engine Build Program

We specialize in VR38DET builds for street and race applications.  Our motors have been proven time and time again by countless clients around the country.  All of our motors are balanced and blueprinted to Harrison Performance specs and have been used for the most rigorous road race and drag race applications.  We can build you anything from a 3.8L street engine to our super popular 4.1L stroker engine.  Whatever your needs are we can build it for your application!


Wheels, Tires, Suspension and Brakes

We deal with many wheel and tire distributors around the world, we can outfit you with the lightest of race wheels to show stopping multi piece wheels one off wheels!  Low profile tires to race slicks and beadlocks we specialize in them all.  We have a sophisticated machine that makes the tire install flawless every time!


Race Suspension and Brakes, we work with the best in the industry to get you the stopping power required for all that extra horsepower your vehicle with have from bringing it to Harrison Performance.  We will also dial in that suspension to get that launch you need to get you out of the hole for that dig race and get carving those curves in no time on that road course.


Ecu Calibration

We work with some of the best calibrator in the country to dial in your car from all the modifications we perform for you.  We have our in house calibrator Marin Nelson that specializes in R35 GTR and A90 Supra platforms. 


Dyno Rental

We provide dyno rental on our Mustang MD500 AWD dyno for those that have a remote tuner and would like a dyno to calibrate their vehicle instead of being out on the street.  Dyno rental is available by appointment on an hourly basis.


Ceramic Coat and PPF

Contact us for our full Autospa division Harrison Autospa, also known as HASPA.  We can get your vehicle looking show ready while making it easy to maintain and keep looking brand new!